We all knew it was coming eventually, right? Minecraft has grown into such an explosive phenomenon over the past 12 months that it was inevitable a professional documentary would come out of it at some point. What we didn’t know, though, was that it’d be this soon, or that it’d be created by our friends at 2 Player Productions, makers of the fantastic chipmusic documentary Reformat the Planet.

The film looks to focus on the work environment Notch and friends have cultivated at Mojang Specifications, the company where Minecraft, like, just lives, man. I guess this explains why a Mojang employee was tweeting about the presence of a film crew “documenting [their] first stumbling steps” back in early January.

A careful investigation of 2 Player Productions’ Twitter account reveals that the film should be out sometime this February. And truly, this is going to be one to look forward to. This yet-unnamed Minecraft documentary just earned itself a spot right behind Indie Game: The Movie on the list of documentaries I really cannot wait another day for.

2PP released a few stills of the film to coincide with the announcement, a few of which we’ve reposted below. If you’d like to see the rest, go check out 2playerproductions’ official project site right here!