If you’ve seen today’s new Bytejacker, you know that we covered the 10 baby-punchingest baby punchers of all time. And you know what? We’re pretty proud of that list.

But those aren’t all the baby punchers in the world. Not even close, actually. Over the past 107 episodes of Bytejacker, we’ve covered some pretty damn hard games, but are some of the ones that deserved honorable mentions.


by Matt Thorson – from episode 44

I love MoneySeize. I also hate MoneySeize. It’s comfortably floaty, has a well-implemented double jump mechanic, and is packed with more completionist catnip than a lot of games that make it to store shelves. With adorable pixel art and a sweet (and free!) chiptune soundtrack Somehow extremely pleasant and rage-inducing at the same time, this is probably the cutest babypuncher that exists. I’m just warning you in advance: the last third of this game is a biiiiiiiitch.

Play Moneyseize here!

Bytejacker Dungeon

by Rolf_Soldaat - from episode 99

So yeah, obviously, Bytejacker Dungeon gets bonus points for being a game with Bytejacker in name. But it gets bonus bonus points for being the only game in existence with an actual “Baby Puncher” difficulty setting. Add that to the fact that it’s already a pretty brutal platformer to begin with, and add that fact to the fact that it stars Anthony Carboni using a grappling hook, and you’ll understand why the only thing harder than playing this game is not playing it.

Play Bytejacker Dungeon here!


by Terry Cavanagh – from episode 41

VVVVVV is a hard game. Maybe I didn’t make that clear when I told you about the 958 times I died while reviewing it, or when I described in detail the preposterous things expected of you in that “Doing Things The Hard Way” sequence, or…you know what? It’s hard, okay? It’s a hard game. And that unlockable No Death Mode that requires you to beat the entire game without dying? That’s probably pretty hard too. Maybe.

Play the VVVVVV demo here!

Being Struck By Lightning is Probably the Best Way That You Could Die On Account of All of Its Awesomeness

by lokiji – from episode 42

This game, believe it or not, is more than just a great title. BSBLIPTBWTYCDOAOAOIA is a small, precise platformer in which you are a teeny-tiny pixel man trying to make it to the cloud at the end of each level so you can die in the most glorious way known to man. But maybe the best part of this Being Struck By Lightning is the story Anthony told in the episode featuring it. If you don’t have time to go back and watch it, here’s the Cliff’s Notes: Anthony got stuck on a level, looked up a video walkthrough, and found one by the creator himself, only to discover that the creator’s walkthrough ended on the very same level because he couldn’t beat it. When the games rebel and start beating their creators, that’s when you know all hope is lost.

Play Being Struck By Lightning is Probably the Best Way That You Could Die On Account of All of Its Awesomeness here!


by feeblethemighty – from episode 72

It’s hard to say with any certainty what the most brutal part of GUYMAN HERO is. The obvious answer is the fast-moving, terrifying aliens, because no question about it, they will kill you. Repeatedly. But the landmines, on the other hand, require some of the trickiest platforming I’ve ever been asked to do. You want me to stand on the corner of that and then jump onto the corner of that? Seriously? Eff off, GUYMAN HERO. Eff off forever.

Play GUYMAN HERO here!

Hey, reader! Got some other baby punchers that you feel like giving thanks for on this, the most frustrating Thanksgiving of all time? Let us know in the comments!