In the mood for a brief, slightly heartwarming story? Here’s how the GIF on the left happened: indie developer Andrew McCluskey (best known as NAL) was messing around with the engine of his Free Indie Rapid Fire-winning game madnessMADNESSmadness this morning when he happened upon a pretty interesting piece of, for lack of a better phrase, visual madness.

“As I often do, I was screwing about with potential graphical gimmicks. I was kinda looking to get a spiral effect – [what I got was] nothing like what I wanted, but it looked cool nevertheless,” McCluskey told us.

As to whether or not this zaniness will find its way into an NAL Games release in the future, McCluskey is still working out the details.

“In its current state, I’m not sure,” he said. “But I’d definitely like to do something along those lines – a level that generates with you in an interesting-to-look-at way.”

Interesting-looking is right – this makes Cactus’s Tuning look downright straightforward!

For those of you who have still yet to play madnessMADNESSmadness (or any of its variations), you can get the portable version Maddening in any of three flavors: iPad ($0.99 / free), iPhone ($0.99 / free) or Android  ($0.94 / free)! For those who have yet to move into the future, the original is still available to play free of charge on

(Thanks for talking to us, Andrew!)