So, whoa! It’s 2010! And what better way to bring in the New Year than with a gorgeous trailer for an incredibly beautiful, modern-looking puzzle game? other than with an awkward segue?

Fractal, the new “ambient music puzzler experience” from Cipher Prime, developers of Auditorium, hit the internet yesterday with the one-two punch of a teaser trailer and official site. Check out the trailer:

Cipher Prime has also put up a blog post with the release, where they explain that fans should expect Fractal to be much more of a traditional puzzle game than Auditorium was. They also namedrop MusicBox, the tech behind the ‘reactive music’ mentioned in the trailer.

Even if it’s not totally clear from the trailer how exactly Fractal is played, don’t you kind of want to play it really bad? The slick, typography-laden UI looks absolutely hot. I’m sure the gameplay will be fully explained in due time, but for those dying for more details, definitely check out the official Fractal site, where they get into the nitty gritty of the game, including its power-ups, chain types, and perhaps most interestingly, its influences in the puzzle genre. There’s also a gallery of absolutely gorgeous screenshots to mull over. Exciting stuff!

Oh yeah, and happy new year!