So it’s the last day of 2010. What better way to send off December than with a quirky little video inspired by one of January’s best games?

Hungarian YouTuber and domino enthusiast Malik Richard decided to celebrate VVVVVV by making a series of miniature domino walls based on some of Terry Cavanagh’s spritework for the original game. In addition to the entire game’s cast, virtually every little inanimate object you encounter in VVVVVV is represented here, from the checkpoint icons to the notorious shiny trinkets. The resulting effect is actually quite authentic-looking; as it turns out, chunky dominoes are a great fit with VVVVVV‘s big-pixelled, C64-style graphics.

Heck, the video even includes a small tribute to PPPPPP, the still-wonderful-12-months-later soundtrack composed for the game by Magnus Pålsson. Neat!

Don’t forget: if you still haven’t played VVVVVV, it is available for a paltry $2.49 for the duration of the Steam Holiday Sale. Considering it was $15 when it first came out, that is kind of the best deal ever. So go get it!