So the TIGSource Versus Competition has finally drawn to a close, and after two weeks of voting, we have a winner:  Beau Blyth’s 0space. And I can tell you with certainty why it won: it’s because it’s very, very fun. For real.

0space, if you hadn’t heard, is a supremely good two to four-player local multiplayer arena zero-gravity combat game. If all those adjectives strung together don’t paint a perfectly clear image of what it’s like, this video from a beta version ought to help:

The game is an absolute blast to play in two-player; the one-hit death mechanics and semi-disorienting gravity mechanic make every round totally frantic, and you’ll probably end up laughing more than once per match. I haven’t gotten the chance to play with more than one other person yet, but SPOILER: IT PROBABLY GETS PRETTY CRAZY.

My favorite thing about 0space, though, is too good to tell you about. Suffice it to say that after each round, you get to watch a replay of the action, and there’s an undisclosed feature of those replays that will probably make you totally happy.

Yeah, a more cynical person might hypothesize that the name was picked because putting a zero in the title of your game ensures it top alphabetical billing in the list of submissions. But when the game’s this good, it doesn’t really matter. Not that the competition was any slump, either; the second and third place winners, Masjin and Jesus vs. Dinosaurs, are two super cool entries. Also worth checking out are Draknek’s Tetris Fight Club and The Battle for Planet Goonob, the former of which now has a highly polished post-comp version that includes original music, and the latter of which is an Ashley Gwinnell / Ricky Haggett collab which somehow garnered zero votes. Like, what? Is there no justice in this world?

At any rate, Blyth is someone we at Bytejacker have a long and storied history with: his games have been repeatedly featured in Free Indie Rapid Fire, but for whatever reason, have yet to take first place. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, eh, Beau?

Well, not anymore! Congratulations to Beau and all of the competition’s winners, and make sure to go and play some 0space right the heck now!