As you may have heard, the IGF announced the main competition finalists for the 2011 Independent Games Festival on Monday. There were five finalists announced for each category: Excellence In Visual Art, Technical Excellence, Excellence In Design, Excellence in Audio, Best Mobile Game, and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, as well as eight nominees for the Nuovo Award, intended to honor the most innovative and unconventional games.

Becoming an IGF finalist is a big deal – not only do nominees have a shot at roughly $50,000 total in prizes at the Independent Games Festival Awards at GDC this March, all nominated games get the honor of being playable on the show floor of GDC this year. It’s massively prestigious, and when past nominees-turned-hits include games like Braid and Limbo, it’s easy to see why.

This week, we’ve gotten in touch with some of the IGF finalists to ask them what the nomination means to them. Here are some of their answers:

Greg Kasavin, Supergiant Games

Game: Bastion

Nominated for: Excellence In Visual Art, Excellence in Audio

“It’s an honor to be nominated both for Excellence in Visual Art and Excellence in Audio in the 2011 Independent Games Festival, especially considering the many outstanding games we were up against in those categories. One of our goals with Bastion is to create a deep and original gameworld that players can lose themselves in, so we take care to use narration, artwork, music, and sound effects to create a rich and specific atmosphere. We’re very happy to be recognized for what we’ve managed to accomplish so far.”

Alexander Bruce, Demruth

Game: Hazard: The Journey Of Life

Nominated for: Nuovo Award

“Getting into the IGF is like finding out that you’ve won a million dollars. You have to check the results a couple of times, walk away, come back, and learn how to breathe again. At least, I THINK that’s what winning a million dollars would be like. Ask Notch… he’d know.

On a more serious note, this nomination is quite important to me. When you’re creating something radically different, there’s a very high risk that it doesn’t work and you’ve wasted your time. Many times I’ve questioned whether what I was doing was working, but now I know for sure.”

Jake Elliott, Cardboard Computer

Game: A House in California

Nominated for: Nuovo Award

“I’m totally thrilled to have the game next to some other awesome finalists like The Cat and the Coup, Dinner Date, Nidhogg & some others new to me that I can’t wait to play. I also feel very honored to know that the game was played & appreciated by the Nuovo Award jury, whose roster reads like an art games syllabus.”


Congratulations to all the finalists! We’ll continue to post developer reactions to the blog throughout the week, so keep checking back for more!