Hey, remember Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet? There was that amazing first trailer in mid-2009, then pretty much nothing until PAX East earlier this month. But man, when those PAX floodgates opened, a lot poured out, including a playable demo on the show floor and 10+ minutes of HD gameplay.

However, one of the last things to trickle out was an extremely candid interview from Giant Bomb’s Brad Shoemaker, who got a chance to talk to both Joe Olson, head of Fuelcell Games, and Michel Gagné, the animator responsible for the game’s surreal and very specific sense of style.

This is definitely my favorite interview out of PAX East this year. So many crazy little things: the fact that Olson specifically asked Gagné to stay as inexperienced with video games as possible, the fact that the game isn’t out until this summer but they’re already working 100-hour weeks, the bit about how Fuelcell’s art director has the task of emulating Gagné’s art style. Oh! And the bit about how downloadable development enables them to work almost up until the point it’s released. Yeah, this whole interview is fascinating as hell, and the entire thing is worth watching.

Remember, by the way, that when we last wrote about Shadow Planet in March 2010, it had already been in development for three years at Fuelcell. I don’t know, you guys. This seems like a special one.