This week, we’re covering some games made for last weekend’s Ludum Dare 19, a game development competition wherein contestants try to make a video game from scratch in 48 hours. LD 19′s theme was “Discovery.”

I’m not gonna mince words here: Fate of Mankind is fucking awesome.

Fate Of Mankind

You might actually want to skip this collectible. For the sake of your ears. Trust me on this.

I almost don’t want to say too much about it at risk of giving anything away, but I’ll do my best to talk around it: it’s a fairly traditional Metroidvania-style platformer by Brazilian indie dev Leonardo Millan. The discovery theme comes into play as you move around a world rediscovering abilities, including sight, jumping, and a few other very creative ones. It’s like a Metroidvania where every playformer you’ve ever played before it has been one big abilitease. All told, it’s fun, clever, and pretty damn long: it took me roughly a half hour to complete.

Since there were over 250 submissions to Ludum Dare 19, playing all of them is an impossible task. But out of all the subs I’ve played so far, Millan’s treatment of the theme is the one I’ve enjoyed the most.

And he did the whole game in 32 hours. THIRTY-TWO HOURS.

And there are achievements.

And the ending is great.

Just play it, alright? Trying to talk around the really cool stuff it does is getting to be kind of a chore. If you give it a chance, this very good (and surprisingly polished) entry is guaranteed to make you smile at least once.

Click here to play Fate of Mankind!