So maybe you’ve already heard, but Anamanaguchi is doing the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game. Not as in “providing some of their old music to the game”, but as in “made 48 whole minutes of completely new music for the game”. For reference, this is more music than both of Anamanaguchi’s currently released albums combined. COMBINED.

However, since the game doesn’t hit PSN til August 10th, we still have almost an entire month of waiting until we get all the awesome Anamanaguchi music (and Paul Robertson pixel art and traditional beat-em-up gameplay, etc, etc) we can handle.

Until today. Less than an hour ago, Scott Pilgrim creator, author and artist Bryan Lee O’Malley posted a new Anamanaguchi track to his personal blog at The new track, “Another Winter”, is going to be the best 153 seconds of your Tuesday.

Listen to Anamanaguchi’s new song “Another Winter” right here!

I love that the track seems like it’d loop perfectly, too. This game is essentially going to be one long Anamanaguchi music video that refuses to end. That’s what’s uuuup.