Mission In Snowdriftland was one of the coolest free internet holiday things of all time. Four years ago, Nintendo contracted a developer called extra toxic to make an awesome little advent calendar where each day was a new level in a beautiful, slippery adorable platformer. Every level you beat earned you dumb little Nintendo-themed goodies like desktop icons and wallpapers. It was the best Christmas ever.

The bummer of it was that after the holiday season ended, Nintendo took the site down and there was nowhere else to play the game. And for four years, the game has remained  lost to the annals of time. UNTIL THIS YEAR.


That’s right: incredibly, extra toxic (now named tons of bits) has found a way of bringing Mission In Snowdriftland back! By stripping out all the Nintendo stuff and replacing it with indie game goodies, they were able to release the game for the first time since 2006. And this December is gonna be drastically better for it.

So what are you waiting for? It’s the first of the moooonth. That means the first level is open for business! Hop to it!

Oh, and as a fun little teaser, the level that opens up on Monday has a heart container hidden in it if you search hard enough. How do I know? Because I made a YouTube video walkthrough of the stage back in 2006. I WAS SIXTEEN. Man, it feels good to come home for the holidays.

Click here to play Mission In Snowdriftland: Indie Games Edition!

(via Jay is Games)