Update (3/28/2011): Surprise! Late last night, Team Teamwork decided to let his new album out a few days early. Meaning? SUPER NINTENDO SEGA GENESIS is now available for download on the official site. And don’t neglect  that “pay what you want” button, y’all. Homeboy needs your support!

I’ve got good news and better news. First, the good news: Team Teamwork’s new 16-bit mashup album Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis is set to drop April 1st. The better news? You can stream the album in its entirety, right here, right now. Yes, for real!

And surprise: Team Teamwork done done it again. Originally titled SUPER NINTENDO SEGA GENESIS (WHEN I WAS DEAD BROKE, MAN, I COULDN’T PICTURE THIS) but eventually shortened (because, dude, that’s kind of a long album name), the album title is both a reference to the Biggie line in “Juicy” and an indicator of the album’s contents: delicious, delicious mashups of Genesis and SNES-era game tracks with both old-school and contemporary hip-hop. You read right: unlike Ocarina of Rhyme and Vinyl Fantasy VII, this album isn’t constrained to one game, and as a result, you’ve got tracks like Sonic 3′s Carnival Night Zone and Guile’s Theme from Street Fighter II getting mashed up with classic rap songs, to glorious results.

Super Nintendo Sega Genesis by teamteamwork

If you’re new to Team Teamwork, don’t be shocked when those songs you think you know sound significantly altered on the album. Like Team Teamwork’s previous two game-themed releases, there’s layers upon layers of careful production on every song, from percussion to autotune to chopped and screwed vocals. This ain’t your average mashup album.

Actually, if you go read our interview with Team Teamwork from last year, you might pick up on another playful easter egg he’s tucked in this time around. Remember the Aeris bit from track 5 of Vinyl Fantasy VII? Well, track 5 of Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis includes a similarly cute nod to the sample’s source. Dope!

It goes without saying that like all of Team Teamwork’s previous albums, this one will be free of charge. That said, if you’d like to give something back for the album you’ll inevitably be bumpin’ for the rest of 2011, head to the Downloads section at tmtmwrk.com, where you’ll find download links for all of his past records as well as PayPal donation links. Go show some appreciation!