You know, with over two gajillion new pieces posted to deviantART every day, it’s probably a common occurrence when an incredibly talented artist gets neglected. That is absolutely no excuse for overlooking the dA gallery of Junkboy, the preposterously talented dude responsible for those pixel art demakes we saw a couple days ago. He has produced some of the straight-up prettiest video game artwork on the planet, and you need to look at it right this second.

Exhibit A: this beautiful, adorable piece of Ico and Portal fanart. Are Chell and Ico a couple we ever would have come up with on our own? No, but that’s precisely what makes this so magnificent.

If you’d like additional doses of Junkboy radness, there’s a lot to choose from: there’s his surreal E3 2010 mural, which does a better job summarizing this year’s bizarre show than any words could; there’s this incredible space-video-game-themed Star Wars parody poster he did for the cover of LEVEL magazine; there’s this gorgeous realistic reimagining of Donkey Kong…actually, you know what? Just poke around his full gallery – you’re bound to find something that catches your eye there.