Man, it feels like less than a week ago that we were lamenting the unavailability of Metagame, Local No.12′s GDC-exclusive card game. Because it was. That was like six days ago. Get it together, Nick.

Anyways, the suffering is over, because Local No.12 has launched a Kickstarter funding home versions of Metagame. By pledging to help fund the home version, donors are able to earn rewards including a full, 100+ set of Metagame cards ($25), a deck plus a LN12 t-shirt ($50), and more!

Local No.12 released a video explaining the project that includes a brief video tutorial on how Metagame is played, so if this is all new to you, the below clip is definitely worth checking out.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, head to their Kickstarter page and pledge your e-cash! The page will stay open for about a month, so if they’ve reached their funding goal of $10,000 by midnight on April 8th, we can all look forward to Metagame cards in our mailboxes and joy in our hearts.