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Here’s where we put all the awesome, Bytejacker-related stuff that we’ve either made or received from viewers. We got games and music and all kinds of stuff. Get down!


Silly Anthony, Don’t Run Away While I’m Filming!

A Windows game made by Legendary for our first birthday episode. You play as Jon, chasing Anthony across rooftops and trying to keep him in the shot. Special cameos by like a skillion indie game characters.



I Hate Ice Levels

A Flash game by Danny (coolio-niato) – help Anthony get past all the ice levels in his way so he can get to the episode shoot (he’s late, as usual). Stuck? Don’t worry, faithful site commenter Joe Larson is there with video comments to help you through, and Camera Guy’s camera will show you any false floors or secret passages in your way.

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Rescue the Beagles: The Bytejacker: The Song

An awesome fan song by Slon Živaca and Missing Sayoko.

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