One of the most influential indies of all time has been ported to the Wii – but should you pay for something you’ve been playing for free for six years? We’ve also got your picks for the one game you’d play for the rest of your lives, and Anthony gets a magical map from the tallest tree in the land!

This episode may or may not feature Ella Morton from Rocketboom, The World Record Show, and The Elegant Guide.

RADAR: Cave Story Review

Nicalis/Studio Pixel, Platformer, WiiWare, $12

Developed by just one person over the course of 5 years, the original Cave Story is an amazingly influential game in the indie scene. It didn’t just create a mob of fans, it inspired a lot of our favorite developers to start making games. Cave Story’s pretty responsible for the existence of this show. Now Nicalis has teamed up with with Pixel, the original developer, to bring an enhanced version to WiiWare. And while there’s no doubt we love Cave Story, is it worth paying $12 for a game you’ve had for free for the last six years?

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Free Indie Countdown

#3 – Fish Face – Windows, Arcade, Beau Blyth – LINK

#2 – Desktop Dungeons – Windows, Roguelike, QCF Design – LINK

#1 – Robot Wants Kitty – Flash, Platformer, Hamumu Software – LINK

Feedback: If you could only play one game for the rest of your life…

What would it be? You gave some some great answers. Answers that made us think that choosing “Superman 64″ was a mistake on our part.

Next week’s feedback question: what free indie game would you like to see get a Cave Story-style console release? Weigh in with a video or audio comment on, a video response on YouTube, or a message on our hotline: (530) 675-GAME

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Free Indie Rapid Fire

Specter Spelunker Shrinks - Browser (Unity), Platformer, Ken Grafals: LINK

Paws - Flash, Platformer, Spelgrim: LINK

5 Minute MMORPG - Flash, Arcade, A bunch of Norwegian dudes: LINK

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Zan-zan-zawa-veia, “Rose Wood,” from the album Fell Plot

Lawrence Power, “The Villagers Say Thank You,” “In Doubt,” and “Make Your Way To The Top,” from the album Tropicalesque

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