Oh, man. Some games are so hard they make you want to punch a baby. We asked for your help and picked the top 10 games to ever make you want to get violent.

RADAR: Top 10 Hardest Baby Punchers Ever

10: Myst – Mac/Windows, Cyan Entertainment, 1999

09: Trials HD – XBLA, RedLynx, 2009

08: Flywrench – Windows, Mark Essen, 2007

07: Ninja Gaiden – NES, Tecmo, 1989

06: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – NES, Konami, 1989

05: Super Meat Boy – Xbox 360, Team Meat 2010

04: Battletoads – NES/Genesis, Rare, 1991

03: Mega Man 9 – Wii/Xbox 360/PS3, Capcom, 2008

02: Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels – NES, Nintendo, 1986

01: I Wanna Be The Guy – Windows, Michael O’Reilly, 2007


<#3: Dear Agent – Windows, Platformer, Cactus – LINK

#2: Corporate Climber – Flash, Platformer, Pixeljam – LINK

#1: Escape from the Underworld – Windows, Platformer, Banov – LINK

FEEDBACK: Fan Games You’d Like to Make

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Corporation, Inc. – Flash, Sim, John Cooney, LINK

Enemy 585 – Flash, Puzzle Platformer, Nitrome, LINK

Ray Ardent, Science Ninja – Flash, Platformer, Shane Neville, LINK