You guys, How stoked are you for Indie Game: The Movie? I will tell you how stoked I am – VERY. And if you aren’t yet, you will be after watching our interview with BlinkWorks. We’ve also got your reactions to the Bitejacker footage we released last episode and Anthony answers some of your questions about the game. And, oh yeah, we leave the studio.

RADAR: Indie Game: The Movie Filmmaker Interview

You guys, Canada is a real place. They have plumbing and internet and filmmakers! Two of them, James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot, are working on a documentary about indie games! We had them on the show to talk all about the project, which looks fantastic. To find out more about the project, see clips, and help out, check out their site here: LINK


#3: Enemy 585 – Flash, Puzzle Platformer, Nitrome, LINK

#2: Ray Ardent, Science Ninja – Flash, Platformer, Shane Neville, LINK

#1: Corporation, Inc. – Flash, Sim, John Cooney, LINK


Last week we showed you the first official footage from our game, Bitejacker, and asked you what you thought. Anthony answers your questions, gives a little more info, and announces your chance to be in the game! To enter, head to the Secret Base Facebook Page and let us know how you’d call for help during a zombie outbreak. The best one received by December 20th gets to be an NPC in the game!

Free Indie of the Year Voting!

It’s time once again for Free Indie of the Year! Head to our site and vote on which of the 10 nominees you think was the best free indie game of the year!
Oh, and if you live in the Bay Area and want to co-host the Free Indie of the Year awards, just leave a video comment on this episode on our site.

Super Crate Box – Windows, Platformer, Vlambeer – LINK
Specter Spelunker Shrinks – Browser (Unity), Platformer, Ken Grafals: LINK
Hero Core – Windows, Action, Daniel Remar – LINK
Sushi Cat – Flash, Arcade, JoeyBetz – LINK
Balloon in a Wasteland – Flash, Tower Defense, John Cooney – LINK
Give Up, Robot – Flash, platformer, Matt Thorson – LINK
Devil’s Tuning Fork – Windows, First Person Platformer, DePaul Game Elites – LINK
rComplex: PC, Platformer, Roger Hicks/Brian T. – LINK
BitWorld – Windows/OS X, Dungeon Crawler, Ivan Safrin – LINK
Pax Britannica – PC, RTS, No Fun Games – LINK


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