Yeah, we’re all back at work. Yeah, it’s a bummer. But no worries, we’re making the transition back into real life as easy as possible for you. We’ve got a first look at the amazing, 8-Bit style sandbox game Retro City Rampage, and some great new free indie games to keep you ‘busy’ now that you’re back in the rat race.


RADAR: First Look – Retro City Rampage

Gamers and pop culture geeks have a brand of humor all their own. A catalog of information and references that goes back their whole lives. A lot of games try to trade on that to add entertainment value – but not many do it without feeling like they’re pandering. Still fewer can do it and be incredibly fun to play. Retro City Rampage, the upcoming WiiWare and XBLA title from Vblank is one of those games.

RCR is a parody of sandbox games, most notably Grand Theft Auto. You play as… well.. The Player, a henchman working his way up through the ranks of the video game world of Theftropolis in 1988.

More about Retro City Rampage:


Feedback – What did you play over the holidays?

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Free Indie Rapid Fire

Cat Astro Phi – Flash, Action, PhotonStorm – LINK

suteF – Windows, Puzzle Platformer, Ted Lauterbach – LINK

Ninja Senki – Windows, Platformer, Pixeltao – LINK

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