You watched, you played, you voted. Here are the results for the Free Indie of the Year!

#10 – Seven Minutes:: Windows, Platformer, Virtanen – LINK
#9 – 8bit KILLER:: Windows, FPS, Locomalito – LINK
#8 – Nanobots: Windows, adventure, Erin Robinson/Vince Twelve/Chris Moorson – LINK
#7 – Mighty Jill Off: Windows, Platformer, Anna Anthropy – LINK
#6 – Teeworlds: Windows/Mac/Linux, multiplayer online shooter – LINK
#5 – 10800 Zombies:: Windows, platform shooter, Jan Willem Nijman – LINK
#4 – Rescue the Beagles: Windows, Platformer, Nenad Jalsovec – LINK
#3 – Meat Boy: Browser/Windows, Platformer, Edmund McMillen/Jonathan McEntee – LINK
#2 – Dyson: Windows/Linux, RTS, Rudolf Kremers, Alex May, Brian Grainger – LINK
#1 – Iji: Windows, Action, Remar Games – LINK

Thanks to everyone who voted, and thank you all for watching over the last few months!

Be sure to check out our interview with Rudolf Kremers, one of the developers of Dyson, over on our blog.