Bytejacker is a review show for gamers with fast connections and short attention spans. We rate and review games that are only available through download — whether they’re Xbox Marketplace, WiiWare, Playstation Network, PC, or iPhone.

The Staff

Anthony Carboni – Host/Producer

Anthony is an actor and on-camera host from Brooklyn, the center of the universe. In addition to Bytejacker, you can currently see him as the host of Best Job Ever. He’s seen The Goonies over 400 times and can quote Batman Returns from start to finish.

Site: www.AnthonyCarboni.com
Twitter: acarboni
Tumblr: yeahapparently.tumblr.com

Jon Rivera – DP/Editor

Jonathan Rivera is a cameraman and editor from Brooklyn, NY. He currently shoots for TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. His work can be seen as the Director of Photography for the web series Three Percent Enemies and Fearnet.com’s series “Streets of Fear” and“Route 666.” He also owns more than 250 DVD’s and only 240 of them suck.

Email: jon@bytejacker.com
Demo Reel: Link
Vimeo: Link
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jonathanrivera
Twitter: solo0312
Tumblr: jonrivera.tumblr.com

Nick Robinson – Writer/Associate Producer/”The Kid”

Nick Robinson is a writer and journalism student currently living in Asheville, NC. Once little more than a lowly intern, he now maintains the blog, as well as fulfilling associate producer duties for Feedback and Free Indie Rapid Fire. He also has an inexplicable attraction toward ball-rolling time-trial games, and it comes through in his writing a little more often than he is comfortable with.

Email: nick@bytejacker.com
Twitter: Babylonian
Tumblr: babylonian.tumblr.com
Xbox Live: The Babylonian


Opening Theme: “Mega Love Gun” by I KILL PXLS off of the album Press Start.

Closing Theme: “Bytejacker Theme” by Missing Sayoko.

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Submit a Game

Free Indie Rapid Fire

There are two ways to submit a free, independently developed game to be featured on the show: either use the Game Submission Form on the righthand side of this site or email games@bytejacker.com. Include the title of the game, a link to the website where it can be found, and if possible, a short reason as to why you like it.

All submissions are looked over, but we can’t guarantee we can reply personally to each one.

Commercial (Pay) Titles

For fans: if you’re a fan of a particular game and think it should be reviewed on the show, you can follow the same process outlined above for Free Indie Rapid Fire. Remember that we only cover games that are available for download– not games that are only available in retail packages.

For Developers: If you have a downloadable title you’d like to see on the show, please email games@bytejacker.com with a drescription of your title and a link to or download code for a review copy. If you’re submitting an iPhone or DSi game, please include a link to any high-quality videos of game footage that can be used in the show.

Once again, all submissions are looked over, but we can’t guarantee a reply or a feature on the show. We hope you understand.


Advertising is available through banner ads as well as pre-roll, post-roll, or interstitial video. If you have a product or service you’d like to promote to thousands of gamers every week, you can contact us at advertising@bytejacker.com.

Are you a small, independent business? Don’t worry, so are we! Just get in touch with us and if we like your product, we’ll work something out.

Please keep in mind that advertising a game on the site does not guarantee a review or feature on the show. We review all games based on merit.

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